ven 17 lug | St. Catherine Church, Kuldīga (Latvia)

Original vs Original

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Original vs Original

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17 lug 2020, 18:00
St. Catherine Church, Kuldīga (Latvia), Kuldīga, Latvia


 The word original contains the meaning of “the first” version of sth. as well as sth. inventive or novel. As musicians we are confronted with “the original“, e.g. a manuscript from the composer. Taking this as a starting point we like to find our own original way to perform the music. Is it historically informed to be creative and to make our own arrangements? How much freedom do we have? Is it possible to be faithful to the original as well as inventive?

In this programme we are going to present music from the 16th to the 20th century; looking at the pieces from different angles, embracing creativity, improvisation, arrangements and freedom.